Payment Options

Accepted Insurance Options

Uninsured Healthcare Options

Guilford Community Care Network (GCCN)

Click the link below, download the orange card application and virtual enrollment flyer, and submit by email, fax, or mail.

Cash Pricing Details

$200 Initial
$75 Follow-Up

$200 Initial
$100 Follow-Up

Spravato Consultation appointments are readily available.

Weight Loss
Weight loss consultation: $150
Weight loss visits for oral medication: $75
Weight loss visit for Lipotropic Injection: $200

IV Hydration
IV hydration therapy consultation: $200
IV hydration visits: prices vary per infusion type; initial pricing is $500

Form Completion Fee (if not requested during office visit)
$20 Short Term Disability, FMLA, etc.
$10 Letter

Medical Records Fee
$0.75 for first 25 pages
$0.50 for pages 26-100
$0.25 for pages over 100
Minimum fee of $10


** Fees are on a sliding scale for services that are adjusted depending on an individual’s overall situation.

Weight Loss Program

Learn how we can help you on your weight loss journey.